Hopeful joins Christian after being attracted by his testimony in Vanity Fair.

During their travels, they encounter multiple covetous men who attempt to change their thinking and tempt them with the deceitfulness of riches

Discussion Questions:

What is the character problem with Mr. ByEnds?

What do you think the following people are like: Mr. Holdtheworld, Mr. Moneylove, and Mr. Saveall.

Why do you suppose that Bunyan creates three unique characters all related to the problem of money?

Christian is asked about how certain people abuse religion for financial gain. Describe the ways you’ve seen that in your life or in others.

What was unique about the temptation from Demas?

What lessons or cautions did Hopeful and Christian learn from the Pillar of Salt?

Where are the most likely ways that you are tempted with money?

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Chapter Ten: The Two Pilgrims Meet

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Chapter Twelve: Vanity Fair

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