It took eight years to share our story.

Just a few days before her due date in 2004, our daughter, Sylvia, was stillborn. The shocking news that her heart stopped sent us into a life-changing journey of grief. Never before had we experienced such crushing sadness, blunt honesty with God, and the amazing provision of grace.

Through Sylvia’s death, multiple miscarriages, and a blighted ovum, untamed grief lurked around every corner. And yet, God carried us through.

We agreed to sit down with our friend, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and share our story on Revive our Hearts. The following four programs were aired on Moody Radio in 2013. It is the only place we’ve shared our entire journey.

1. Hard is Not Bad – Our journey began with a panicked prayer: “Please, Lord! Not this….not this.” But we came to learn that hard is hard, but hard is not bad when God’s in control.

2. It is Well – The waves of grief were huge—but the waves of mercy were just as big.

3. Trusting God’s Choices – God gave us the grace to live in a dual world:  “God, I know You’re in control, but this really stinks. I know You have loving hands, but I don’t want this in my life.”

4. It’s Okay to be Silent – It’s possible to transform pain from your enemy to the means by which God is glorified.

“The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord” – Job 1:21 (ESV)


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