In celebration of MLK Day 2018, the staff of College Park Church dedicated a morning to reflect on the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and the life of Dr. King.

We visited Landmark for Peace Park at Broadway and 17th in Indianapolis. Robert Kennedy gave an impromptu speech on the evening of the assassination of Martin Luther King at this location. Kennedy was running for President, and he stopped in Indianapolis for a campaign rally.

However, the nation was in crisis. Most major cities experienced unrest and rioting. Over forty-five people were killed. Despite safety concerns, RFK addressed a crowd in the heart of the city. The short speech is considered one of the reasons Indianapolis avoided a riot.

Peace Park features a memorial of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King reaching toward one another while divided by a walkway.

Our staff gathered around the memorial and prayed for biblical unity in diversity to characterize our church. Here’s a video highlighting the experience.

On the week our nation remembers the anniversary of MLK’s assassination, let’s pray for his memory to be honored and his vision to be realized – starting in the church.

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